Public Relations


It’s hard to find a company with people who know technology and who can write with authority on technical subjects – so that business people can understand. We’ve been doing that for around 20 years.


We also do that for other industries because we know what works for you as we have been journalist, public relations officer, and marketer. We know how journalists and editors expect to receive your press releases so that they are publishable.

Media Relations

There are many PR activities and many reasons to do PR. What we do best is called media liaison or media relations. It’s at our core. We write stories about your company, in a way that publications want them, and put them in front of the people who should be seeing them – the journalists and editors – so they can get them in front of your audience.

Cover all the bases

We provide all types of press release:

  • News
  • Thought Leadership/Opinion/Trend
  • Case Study
  • Product
  • Service

Additional Services

We also track features in the publications so that you never miss an opportunity to appear as an industry expert. And we write motivations for publications that do not accept press releases to encourage journalists to interview you directly. Browse the rest of our site or read more about public relations in our blog of helpful and useful information.




Image credit: Nicolas Alejandro

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